By contracting a "Fordwarder" (Loader-Agent) and a full transport management, Fundicion Nodular, S.A. grants delivery of its products from its facilities to their final destination. For this, it has at its disposal an integral logistic-system in which all possible transportation means interact (truck, ship, train, plane) in order to reach our customer with total reliability and in a perfectly scheduled time-frame.

Equally, imported goods used by Fundicion Nodular are swiftly delivered, including professional management import duties, thus avoiding waiting time or extra costs.

For direct delivery, a truck-fleet with various platform options is also available. With these, national or international, ordinary or special transport, can perfectly be carried out and coordinated.

For sea-shipping, TEU-containers and conventional freighters are used. Main seaports in Spain are used: Gijón, Avilés, Santander, Bilbao, Pasajes, Vigo, Barcelona, Valencia. Our products are also shipped through Europe's most important harbours. Different container-types are also used ("flat rack", "open top" or "dry van"), in 20' and also in 40' measurements, according to each particular need, and always under INCOTERMS 2002.