Quality Policy

FUNDICIÓN NODULAR, S.A., has as primary objective to remain ahead in the field of the manufacturing of rolling mill rolls, cast and machined, in iron or steel, simple or double cast, static or centrifugally.

Apart from any other factors, and as an exceptional tool for the attainment of this industry leadership, is the implementation of a quality management system, which allows a better management of human and material resources. Such a system shall be oriented towards the reduction, elimination, and, most importantly, the prevention of any deficiency in quality.

The quality management system should meet and sustain customer requirements and strive to exceed their expectations (establishing confidence in our capacity to supply the demanding volume of production with optimum quality), ensure our needs and interests (focusing the commercial targets towards the consistent achievement of a desired quality level at a reasonable cost), as well as comply with the applicable regulatory requirements.

Our wish to supply our customers with a product of sound reliability has led FUNDICIÓN NODULAR, S.A., to set up a production system of the highest reliability as its main objective.

The Quality management principles applied at FUNDICIÓN NODULAR, S.A., are in compliance with the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, and are fully documented and described in our quality assurance manual, quality operating procedures and technical instructions.

Our quality assurance manual is mandatory learning for the entire workforce of FUNDICIÓN NODULAR, S.A., while the quality operating procedures and technical instructions that complement this manual are required for personnel working in the relative area of activity. All staff acknowledges and complies with these policies and guidelines.

With that aim, the quality policy is provided and explained to each employee within the company. Employees are trained and motivated to be responsible for the quality of their own work and pursue continual improvement, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all.

The quality assurance manual is available to all FUNDICIÓN NODULAR employees as well as customers and other external organizations and third parties.
The managers of the quality management system have the authority to take the following steps:

  1. Take appropriate actions to prevent the appearance of non conforming products.

  2. Identify and record any problem related to quality.

  3. Start, suggest or provide solutions through the established communication channels.

  4. Verify that the adopted solutions have been applied (corrective actions).

  5. Follow up nonconformities until the defect or non satisfactory condition is corrected.

La Dirección provee de los recursos adecuados y suficientes para la implantación de este Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad.

El Sistema de Gestión de la Calidad es revisado por la Dirección periódicamente ( al menos una vez al año), con el objetivo de mantener la eficacia para la que ha sido realizado. De estas revisiones, se generan y guardan registros.

La Dirección está convencida de que este camino sirve para incrementar la Cultura de Calidad de todo el personal de FUNDICIÓN NODULAR, S.A.